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Originally Posted by Spiritwalker
Well...... I say.....

Why should you only get 20 years for attempted murder??

The criminal shouldn't get a break just cause they were not able to follow through on their plans.

From my website

Idea 1) 24 hour prisons

Idea 3) Stop doing executions late at night! Put them on TV
Yeah, I think the problem with the attempted murder thing is that prosecutars can call anything they want attempted murder.
The trouble is proving you tried to kill the person,
You can want to hit somebody with a bat, or even stab them but not want them to die.

So it hits some gray area there IMO.

Idea 1)
Good idea on paper, but doesn't work IRL.
Too much money to be moving inmates, watching them, etc...
Also too much of a secutiry risk, there is a reason in maximum security prisons you are locked down 23 hours a day in your cell.
Because thats the only place that keeps staff and other inmates safe.
Yet people still get raped/murdered in Prison. Maybe work with min or medium security inmates though.
I do think we should use inmates for road construction, etc... Might as well make they pay society back.

Idea 3) I agree, public hangings all the way.
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