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Well...... I say.....

Why should you only get 20 years for attempted murder??

The criminal shouldn't get a break just cause they were not able to follow through on their plans.

From my website

There are days when I feel that the world should listen to one person sometimes. That one person, being me. I come up with ideas that, in all honesty, someone smarter than I should have enacted long ago. Here they are. If you like them, you can email your local congressperson in regards. If you don't like them, fell free to explain why they are bad ideas. If you feel they are stupid, feel free to STFU. Are all of my ideas unique? I hope not!

Idea 1) 24 hour prisons - The justice system has to release convicts early every year due to over crowding. Well, they only need the bed for 8 hours a 24 hour period. The other 16 hours can be used else where. 4 hours in school or rehabilitation classes, 4 hours doing community service of some type ( work on highways.. whatever, giving lectures to local schools as to why they don't won't to be a convict) and 8 hours of work. Yes, work, find some company that can use these individuals, and pay them minimum wage, and tax those wages. That way when they have "done there time", not only do they have an education, a marketable skill, they also have some money to start out with. Of course this couldn't be done with some.. for those.. see below..

Idea 2) Stop playing around with the death penalty. Do it or don't. 20 years for appeals? Cmon.. If you don't want the death penalty, then fine, but some types of crimes can NOT be forgiven! Sexual Predators, Child molesters, rapists, murderers, habitual offenders. Toss the key away if you don't want them dead.. but don't let them back out.

Idea 3) Stop doing executions late at night! Put them on TV, do them on the court house lawn, make them PPVs for all I care. If we as a society can say that "this person deserves to die", we should be able to do this and if not be "proud" of it.. at least not hide from it. Also, this would be an EXCELLENT way of telling the people.. this is what we do to people who do "this". Sounds like a good deterrent to me.
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