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Default Wandy does work (Brings in Rafael Cordeiro, his former Chute Boxe coach)
Wanderlei Silva preps for his bout with Rich Franklin at UFC 99 with his former Chute Boxe coach, Rafael Cordeiro,
who recently left the once-famous gym. Now that Wand’s back with his old coach, does that mean he’ll be back to his old self?

I love it that a guy like Wandy, who is already a legend of the sport and could retire now and still get all the respect in the world is still bringing in people,
working hard, trying new things (the weird snorkle action), etc....
I love this guy, you've gotta respect Wandy.

Also notice Forrest in the video?
Interesting that maybe AS isn't training Rich for Wandy.... but Wandy is training Forrest for AS? O_o
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