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Originally Posted by ufcfan2
Politics is a touchy subject like religion you press one wrong button that a person does'nt agree with they go on the attack. I don't wanna label myself dem or rep,conservitive,liberal as labeling just plain sucks,but I guess its easier to attack a person if they are labled something different than you.
Samewith religion,I'm not religious and nor do I want to be. I do find some of the stories interesting to listen to and read about. Though I find religion divides ppl as I get tired of hearing were doing this for the name of our god blah blah blah...
Now back on topic. I voted for Obama,sole reason was I did'nt wanna take a chance of Palin becoming President. I personally think McCain would of been a better President than Bush was,and I just think he made a critical error with Palin.
Obama's main issue imo is his lack of experience amongst other things. I give him some credit for surrounding himself with diverse group of politicians. I'm not gonna grade him on his 100days as I'd rather judge him when its time to re-elect him. I understand ppl have issues with his bowing,and other foreign issues,but Bush had his fair share of bad moments. I wanna give Obama time to get stuff done and to focuse on his stimulas package issues is a little premature(would ppl say the samething if Bush had similar issues). Yes, I don't agree with all the 'Pork' in his packages. I'd like to see what in it really as I'm sure somethings are possibly warrented/needed.
Far as not talking about Bush anymore? Why not,just cause hes not president anymore does'nt disclude him from any discussions. If your a Bush lover thats fine,but this should'nt disallow ppl from bringing him up.
Now Bush was he as evil as the media made him out to be? I personally don't think he was a 'saint' and I thought he focused too much on the war on terror in every speech. Was this pulling the wool over the sheeps eyes I don't know he seemed he did'nt wanna talk about anything else.
I think each Presidency has a major issue to focus on and takes focus and alot of critism;bush had 9/11 and Obama has the economy problem. To be fair I think Obama's issue is far more serious than what Bush went thru(not taking away from the Twin Towers,loss of troops etc.) anywho,each to their own
You mean you give him credit for that when through out his entire campaign he said he was gonna change Washington, yet surrounded himself with old long time standing politicians? This man is playing from the same worn out democrat play book! Although he is taking some things even further left!
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