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Originally Posted by Sugar Shane
You definitely need to keep wrapping up and make sure you are wrapping in a way that you are separating your knuckles. The most common fracture is a "boxers break" which affects all the little bones in the top of your hands. If you dont know for sure how to wrap up tp prevent this, ask around and someone will be more than happy to show you, I am sure.
Yeah I got the wrap down. I think might be tendon soreness. It's the first time it started bothering me. I jsut wondered if after doing a lot of pads and bag work dod you do any sort of post workout treatment ot your hands (soak in epsom salt, ice, etc)

I saw Shane tap Todd out so I don't want any part of his ground game;)
I'll spar hands with anyone though (love to learn from people with more experience)

I weigh about 205 right now.
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