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Originally Posted by NateR
It's just funny how Democrats are trying to wash their hands of that stimulus package even when most of them voted for it.

Also, little things, like referring to McCain as "McLame", is one of the reasons that we had to restrict criticism of President Bush. There's a difference between criticizing a President's policies and just insulting the man. Obviously you have trouble discerning the difference between the two.
There's that old saying "Beating around the Bush" which is basically what you and a few others tend to do. Sure your not deliberately saying it, but you sure as hell are implying it.
Actually there was a few times Obama was labeled this or that. An his stances on every little thing get brought up here its not really what you referred to as "Supporting the Commander and Chief", you know not only has he been attacked which silly little name calling, but forum members have been as well.

That is unless being called and idiot and a F$% moron for voting for him is considered nice nice around here as long as you have a pretty little name title.
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