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Originally Posted by que
and what are you basing those assumptions on?

alves has put up a fight in all of his fights. never has he not put up a fight. did you see what he did to matt hughes, the greatest WW of all time? and you think he won't put up a fight against GSP? you talk like GSP is an invincible God or something.

i assure you, alves will put up a fight. this isn't a dwarf LW moving up to WW this time. this is a giant man who should really be fighting at MW. a humongous juggernaut of a beast who is bigger, stronger, sick takedown defense, great ground skills and much better striking. you will see a fight.
people said the same thing about fitch .. he was bigger, badder, couldn't be taken down and kept down, his guard was impassable ... GSP made him look ridiculous in all but the 2nd round ... Alves won't win a round in this fight .. he was taken down by matt quite easily, GSP has better takedowns and will take him down ...
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