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Originally Posted by NateR
Didn't Obama vote in favor of that $350 billion stimulus package last October? I think most Americans were pretty angry about that as well, but it was sort of overshadowed by the election.

Anyways, I agree that the Republican party is in the shambles that it is because they've been acting too much like Democrats over the last few years. But the last thing we need is more Democrat agendas.

However, this whole debate goes way beyond Republican vs. Democrat or liberal vs. conservative. This is about big government vs. freedom.

On a side note, the reason why we created this Politics section was for people like you who hate political debates, this way you can ignore them to your heart's content. Of course, I'm not sure why you entered a political debate just to declare that you hate political debates, but whatever.
Mclame voted for it as well. Not to mention he had his own spending plan so in all actuality wed probably still be in the same boat, just with a different captain.

The only difference is we wouldn't have a political forum, and we wouldn't be allowed to criticize him in any way shape or form. I mean we had to walk on egg shells for the most part when it came to threads about Georgy boy.
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