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-Nathan Diaz vs. Clay Guida
R1 Guida scores first with a couple strong leg kicks, but Diaz is doing a good job putting his jab out there. Guida is using his movement a lot, keeping his head down and throwing the right hand followed by a kick, but Diaz is starting to really pop the jab. Guida snags a leg, but soon gives up on the takedown and launches a right hand to the body. Diaz goes for the takedown, but Guida stuffs it and ends up on top of Diaz on the ground in half-guard, then moving to full guard. As Diaz stands, Guida takes his back, wrestling Diaz down with a full nelson hold. Diaz flips over, lands on all fours, but Guida still has back control as they stand up. Guida scoops Diaz up and slams him to mat, landing in guard, firing punches. They scramble back up to the feet where Guida maintains control and lands a solid knee. scores the round 10-9 Guida.
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