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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke
GSP is gonna own the WW division ... Alves isn't gonna put up a real fight ... GSP owns him from the opening bell ...
and what are you basing those assumptions on?

alves has put up a fight in all of his fights. never has he not put up a fight. did you see what he did to matt hughes, the greatest WW of all time? and you think he won't put up a fight against GSP? you talk like GSP is an invincible God or something.

i assure you, alves will put up a fight. this isn't a dwarf LW moving up to WW this time. this is a giant man who should really be fighting at MW. a humongous juggernaut of a beast who is bigger, stronger, sick takedown defense, great ground skills and much better striking. you will see a fight.
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