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Originally Posted by Crisco
I said your mom and awaited your response to demonstrate how much a smug tight ass you are, completely devoid of any sense of humor.

You sir... Are garbage.

and for the record the world hates us and always will hate us.

We are white, Christian and rich.
You must be out of your fing mind if you think the world is ever going to not hate us.
Umm, I'm not rich nor christian so u got 1/3 right
The world hates us but they also admire us to some degree,now I think a good portion of the world gave us some respect back with Obama election. How long that will last remains to be seen as its way too early to define his administration long term outcome. My opinion is we need to really work with Canada/Mexico to make this part of the world to flourish more. I mean Mexico needs some help, I guess we could invade them and rebuild them like we do with everyone else

I don't wanna go back into debating was it right/wrong going to war. Any loss of life is too much and tragic. I don't agree with the war in Iraq,but thought the war in Afghanastan is justified more so.
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