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Default Obama the spending machine

From the GOP newsletter. Just like the Texas GOP's bumper sticker says, "Obama for change? That's all you'll have left in your pockets!"

Barack Obama just completed his third prime time press conference touting the “change” he is bringing to America.

But during Obama’s first 100 days in the Oval Office, Americans have learned what the Democrats’ promise of “change” really means -- an assault on capitalism, free enterprise and fiscal responsibility. The policies coming from the Obama White House and the Democrat controlled Congress represent some of the most reckless spending, taxing and borrowing America has ever seen.

These first 100 days of total Democrat control of the federal government provides a frightening glimpse of what a “changed America” has to look forward to: trillions in debt owed to foreign creditors like China, the nationalization of our banks and auto industry soon to be followed by the health care system, and individual liberties sacrificed at the altar of collectivism.

Brett, the arrogance of power and irresponsible spending displayed by Obama and the Democrats in the past 100 days is astounding:

* A $787 billion stimulus bill full of pork-barrel spending and the loophole allowing millions of dollars in bonuses for AIG executives;
* $410 billion in spending on the 2009 omnibus bill; and,
* A $3.6 TRILLION budget blueprint that results in a $9 TRILLION deficit.

In all, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have spent more in the Obama Administration’s first 100 days than all previous presidents combined. Is this the “change” America voted for? I don’t think so.
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