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Black Mamba
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Round 2 - After a touch of the gloves, Arroyo misses on a lazy right and is put on his back after a spinning back kick misses widely. Cramer takes the dominant top position as Arroyo works butterfly guard. Cramer stands over his opponent and then rains down some right hands that connect. Arroyo quickly secures full guard and defends against more right hands from Cramer. Back to butterfly guard for Arroyo, who throws elbows from below. They have little on them, and Cramer again lands some rights from above. Cramer again stands over his opponent, and as he awaits his opening, the crowd begins to boo. Cramer returns to his opponent's guard. Arroyo throws elbows while Cramer patiently looks to connect with big rights. The pace slows as both fighters look to have tired. Referee Steve Mazzagatti halts the action when Arroyo kicks Cramer in the face, and a warning is issued. Back to action, Cramer again stands over Arroyo, and the crowd again grows restless. Little action in the final 30 seconds of the frame. scores it 10-9 for Cramer.
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