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Black Mamba
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Round 1 -Arroyo with an early leg kick, but his shoot is stuffed by Cramer. The second, though, is successful, and Aarroyo is able to pull guard, reverse the position and immediately take mount. Cramer reverses, but Arroyo quickly secures an arm and tries for the armbar. Cramer escapes and works from inside guard. The fighters catch a breather before Arroyo works elbows from below. Cramer's punches from above are easily deflected. However, Cramer finally gets through a couple elbows and then a big right and blows to the body. Cramer sits up before the blows, but despite telegraphing them, Arroyo can do nothing to stop them.Cramer lands a stiff right, but Arroyo grabs the arm again and works for an armbar. Cramer survives and then batters him with more rights. After standing, Cramer doesn't allow Arroyo to do the same and then smothers his opponent when Arroyo tries to get to his feet. scores it 10-9 for Cramer.
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