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Originally Posted by lyndsey823
i think being an OR nurse is the only thing i could do, i could not work on the floors. i've been hesitant to start the program because i just don't think i'm cut out for that. i would love to work in the OR or the Cath Lab, i've worked with surgery for 6 years now. just recently started scrubbing for cases, and i love it. except for the rectal cases, yuck!!!!!!! i'll pass on that.

The only problem with the nursing program is that you can't just specialize during it. You have to train to do it all....which means med surg is like 80% of your training. You hit the specialty areas but there's so much else to it. However, it is great job security, decent pay (not enough for the work you do but enough to live on just fine as an RN), and you can go anywhere and work. I could travel to any city in the US and have a job within just a few days of arriving.


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