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Originally Posted by GnP
Good episode, two similar fights in as much as both were pretty dominant wins.

Signs of desperation from Hendo sending his best guy in as Teams Usa was getting smashed. Bisping continues to look a great coach until the last five mins of the show, I will be interested to see where he was.

either way the early confidence/arrogance about US mma being so far in advance of UK mma is now kinda out the window
I dont really see the great coach thing from Bisping. So much of this show is the match ups and not the coaching IMO.

Im dont think the idea is out the window at all. I bet if you took the top guys from the UK and put them against the top guys from the US the US would win most of those matches. I dont think this show does anything to prove which country has better MMA fighters, but it does give us something to talk about.
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