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I think that as well...As much as Dana hates the boxing system hes doing the samething whatever sells ppv...
you have to understand it though!!!!

He is running a business, and to sell ppv you need to draw in a crowd, excite the fans, lyoto does what he does well, shuts down other fighters. but lets face it what would you rather watch, a fighter that wins but puts you to sleep because unless you are a karate guru and appreciate the methodical nature of the dragon (with coming from a karate background i sort of do - however the average fan is not) he is not interesting to watch, or someone that my not always win but the fights are high paced, constant action.

from a selling point of view, lyoto as champ doesnt fit, its more profitable having guida on the card who is 4-3 in the ufc than it is to have lyoto who is 5-0. simply as lyoto has one finish in 5 all the rest decisions and not exciting fights aside from the souk one which i was impressed with lyoto.

although guiada has gine 4 decisions and 3 finishes, even the decisions have been excing with some controversy to them as well.

i know we are talking different weight classes, but you could say the same thing for at least one fighter on each class, except maybe hw
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