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Originally Posted by xSubmission
I believe nobody should have the power to take his life.
Realizing what he has done is worse then death. Dying is the easy way out really paying for your crimes is almost impossible. That is redemption.
Of course my immediate response would be "that person should die"
But if i calm down and think about things my greater sense of being kicks in and i come up with a better solution
Which is put him in jail forever?

That's not closure for his father...

IF someone did that to your son would you not try to kill them? Would it make you feel betterk knowing that he laid in a closed cell every night LIVING while your 3 year old child drowned while freezing, crying and afraid probably screaming for his mother and father but no one was there to help him?

I call bull****.

I would destroy this man even if it ment my life. I would beat him to death with my bear hands. God will forgive me because this man violated his commandment and should be put to death.

God's is the only opinion that matters to me.
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