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Originally Posted by VCURamFan
What textbook are you quoting? That's total horse-hockey.

The Death Penalty is there because of respect for human life. If your disrespect human life enough to destroy it, you lose your right to your own life.

Also, bear in mind that the death penalty is an option in every murder, or even every 1st degree murder. You're only eligible for the death penalty if you commit capital murder (i.e. multiple victims, serial killers, etc.), abd even then you go through an entire second trial with a brand new jury to see whether or not you'll be condemned to death. It's called a bifurcated jury system.

Go do some real research & get back to me, boy.
Real research! Are you retarded? An "eye-for-an-eye" mentality wont bring closure to anything. Simply killing offenders is the easy way out. Execution is by no means "respect for human life." Obviously more killing results in nothing positive. An "eye-for-an-eye." mentality gets society no where
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