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There is no striker in the UFC at Silva's level(this is why it's hard to compare him to others). He has done things that put him on a much different level then anyone else.

I am a huge forrest fan, but he is not half the striker silva is on his best day. Maybe wrestling and GNP will garner him some success in this fight, but other then that he will be outclassed.

Forrest will never give up though, and I will be surprised if he can even blemish Silva. The only person quick enough for Silva is Machida that will be able to exchange with him.

Originally Posted by JB Rattlesnake
Now, that is an interesting point you have raised. Something, that I eluded to during the discussion about Anderson Silva's last performance. If you look at the strike count from the Forrest vs Rampage fight and compare it to Silva vs Leites fight, you see an interesting similarity between Jackson and Silva. Both were 5 round championship fights, and both fights went to a judges decision.

Anderson Silva landed 83 of 179 strikes against Thales Leites.

Quinton Jackson landed 84 of 173 strikes against Forrest Griffin.

So why didn't people get all up in arms and call Rampage a boring fighter? What is any different about Rampage fighting not to lose instead of going for broke and trying to land big KO while Forrest was basically leg-kicking his way to a championship?

I will answer my own questions.

1. Forrest actually made the fight exciting against Rampage unlike Thales Leites who just dropped to his butt every 15 seconds because he had no answer for what was Anderson Silva was doing to him.

2. Nobody really cared to be so critical because Rampage and Forrest are superstars that have die-hard fans no matter what. It's no secret that non-English speaking fighters are just not as popular in America, so Silva is an easy target, even when his translator says something people just assume he is lying.

I realize that these were two totally different fights, but I just found it strange that the strike totals for the two champions were so close considering they both went the distance. What I think it proves is that there is no giant conspiracy in all of this. Anderson Silva is not intentionally putting on boring fights, it's just the way it goes sometimes. Sometimes we see crazy stuff, and not every fight works out the way we think. MMA is a complex sport with a lot of aspects to it, and there is almost an aspect of luck involved.

One thing is for sure, Forrest loves to fight, almost recklessly at times, but he does love it. He will definitely make Silva bring it all out and this will be a great fight for everyone, especially the fans.
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