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Originally Posted by Tyburn
I'm pretty sure they are identical arent they? They arent just twins...I thought they were genetically identical.

Dont forget that diet and nurture will change the outward appearence slightly. Genetical Twins, doesnt mean that 30 odd years later the two twins are still identical in everything

They look much to alike to be...non-identical twins IMHO
Well, with them, I'm strictly going by what Matt said in his book about the doctor saying they were "fraternal". That means that they were two separate eggs with two separate sacks. So I think the doctor who delivered them would know.

In me and my twin sister's case, we don't know for sure if we are identical or fraternal. The doctor was obviously totally inept. He delivered me and as the story goes, he left and the nurse had to run after him to tell him there was "another" one. And, it doesn't say on our birth certificates either. It just says "baby girl #1") and "baby girl #2). I know, real scientific, huh. So, I'm thinking we're "fraternal", but there is a possibility that we are identical. People who don't know us, think we're identical, but family and friends can see the differences. But, the only way we'll know for sure now, is DNA testing, I think. Identical twins share the same DNA and fingerprints.
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