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Originally Posted by Bonnie
They are not identical. Matt said in his book they are "fraternal". And there is a difference--something about their eyes/look; also, Mark's cheekbones are wider across. In these earlier/younger photos, sometimes it's harder to tell them apart. I think it's easier now that they're older when we see them in pics.

You can't go by looks with twins as for them being "identical" or fraternal. By definition, identical twins are supposed to be mirror images of each other, but they're not always.
I'm pretty sure they are identical arent they? They arent just twins...I thought they were genetically identical.

Dont forget that diet and nurture will change the outward appearence slightly. Genetical Twins, doesnt mean that 30 odd years later the two twins are still identical in everything

They look much to alike to be...non-identical twins IMHO
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