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Default AS Not training Franklin for Wandy? lol

The ’sources close’ to Anderson Silva apparently never told him …

… that he would help prepare former two-time foe, Rich Franklin, for his upcoming fight against his old Chute Boxe training partner, Wanderlei Silva, at UFC 99: “The Comeback” on June 13, according to

“He didn’t said any word to me about it, but he’s gonna face a Brazilian, so it’s hard that something will happen. I don’t have anything against Franklin either Wanderlei, both are great fighters. In other situation, I’d train with him, for sure. My gym is open for everyone. Whoever goes there can have classes and I won’t have any problems if he decides to go there, that’s the sports’ globalization.”

That was fast. It’s not an outright denial, but his way of answering the question is interesting. Either the “Spider” is playing dumb to try and distance himself from training an American for a fight against a popular Brazilian fighter, performing damage control so his feud with the “Axe Murder” doesn’t hit Defcon 1 or there really are no concrete plans for “Ace” to enlist his services. The plot thickens … you decide.
Gotta wonder what is going on there????
I wonder why Rich would say he was going to work with AS when AS claims to not know about it.
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