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Interesting fight. I would have thought a Silva fight against "Shogun" would have been interesting, but why not make it a blockbuster with Forrest. On paper you would hardly give Forrest a chance. Off the top of my head I see it going the way of Rich Franklin verses Anderson Silva, but then I remember that Forrest has Randy Couture in corner. This doesn't automatically move Forrest into the winner's circle, but it does provide the ability to game plan effectively for such a dynamic fighter in Silva that has shown some holes in his game the last few fights. Silva doesn't want to push the fight on his feet, he seems to rather sucker his opponent into his reach where he can then brutalize them with the clinch, effectively landing knees, kicks, and elbows.

Forrest does have decent take down skills and ground and pound, although you do have to enter the danger zone with Silva to take him down. Forrest's defense against subs should work in his favor. He is Couture trained fighter so his posture in his opponents guard is usually top notch. Anyways, Forrest needs to use his size and reach against Anderson. He should have a significant weight advantage so if he does manage to take Silva down his weight and pressure should come into play to his advantage.

On his feet, if Forrest can land strikes from a distance and land his jab and leg kicks without having to get close he should be ok.

Still there is no other striker nearly as feared as the Spider, it would take some serious balls for Forrest to sit in the pockett with Anderson Silva. Forrest isn't going to knock anyone out, so his plan on his feet would be to score points.

I won't count Forrest out, I will be a fan of his during this fight, is he the underdog, sure, but the biggest light heavy against a 185 pounder moving up? I like it.
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