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Originally Posted by Oddtodd76
Tomorrow, my 80 year old Grandmother is getting married.She has been widowed now for 21 years. This is actually a decent story...
She is a war bride from England during WWII. My grandfather was stationed there for 3 1/2 years.
The man my gma is marrying was my grandpa's best friend and war buddy. And guess what? He married a war bride also. She passed 4 years ago. Both couples lived in Decatur, Il. After my grandfather passed away, basically no one really ever met up anymore. A few months ago, my grandmother ran into him...and here we are. So, basically my grandmother has known this guy for 65+ years.
He looks and talks just like the grandpa off of 16 candles! "Dong! Where is my automobile?!"
I was almost in the exact same situation about 6 months ago
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