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Originally Posted by Crisco
The competition is better in the UFC then it was in Pride.
Not sure if this is true. The talent at the top was always about the same but PRIDE was the deeper of the orgs and becasue of that they were able to put on more exciting shows. PRIDE had the best LW's but UFC did not have a LW div. UFC had the best WW's but PRIDE did not have a WW div. As far as MW's go UFC had Rich and that was it Pride had Hendo, Kang, Filho as well as other. LHW was stacked for both orgs. HW UFC had Tim and AA and that was it and PRIDE had crap tons of good HW's.

The talent in the UFC now is very deep though so the UFC is able to but on much better shows, at least on paper, than any org has ever been abel to.
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