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as stated, out of the ones I named, are they truely strikers???

I stated quite clearly that shogun would likely be called a striker and rampage, but the others, wandy might be and he was beaten by chuck.

Chuck was beaten by rampage in his prime, I will give you that, but has he been in his prime since fighting Babalu the second time???? remembering that that was 3 years ago now, he beat tito since then and that was it.

I dont think Chuck has been firing on all cylinders since the tito fight, he didnt look that great against tito.

I know people have been saying that chuck would not beat a decent striker for years, doesnt mean its true, and out of all the things that has been said about xsubmission, you picked my comment to attack dude???

and my point was that chuck is getting old and fighting younger guys
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