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Originally Posted by warriorlion
in his prime, thats not true at all.

and lets face it, what true strikers has chuck faced???

Rashard??? that was a great punch, but hes not a true striker, wandy is a great striking in his day and chuck beat him, Jardine??? is he a striker, the only on that you could argue as being a striker previously is Rampage, Shogun maybe he is a great striker when he fought in pride, how many of his fights were won as a result of brutal head stomps and soccer kicks???

Xsubmission is a newbee obviously, Chuck has fought everyone put in fount of him, the no 1 contender at all times, in his prime he was in a division full of grapplers, for the most part he still is. Chuck is a legend, and a pillar of the sport.

Yeah is sad that he is going out like he seems to be, but come on he's nearly 40 doing the same thing he always has, counterstriking. Its not that people have suddenly figured him out, people have always known what chuck was about and is about, my opinion is that e is not a fast as he once was, and he has been taken out by younger opponents.

Take a look at his last 5 fights,

Rampage aged 31 - 8 years younger
Jardine aged 34 - 5 years younger
Wandy aged 33 - 6 years younger
Rashard aged 30 - 9 years younger
Shogun aged 28 - 11 years younger
You just named 5 people, 4 of which were strikers and 1 who has greatly improved striking, and 4 of those people beat Chuck (all 5 of them dropped Chuck in the fight though). Rampage has beat Chuck 2 times and both times you could argue Chuck was in his prime. Jardine beat Chuck right after Rampage beat him so its not like Chuck was that far gone then. You really wanted to you could argue that Chuck's last 2 fights he was out of his prime.

The only people the UFC had were wrestlers, but there were strikers out there. The UFC chose to not go after them/they would not come to the UFC. Chuck is great at fighting people who's game plan is to take him down but people have always questioned if he could beat top strikers, even in his prime. Even if Xsubmission is a newbie what he is saying is something that has been said for a long time.

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