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Originally Posted by Crisco
While it could be argued that the things I've said to you where not all ment in mean spirit.

I project my negative opinions on you because you represent the opposite of what I hold to be true. I being a fallen human being sometimes have difficulty communicating my feelings in the proper manner all the time.

I do not care for your opinions Buzzard and your stance on life and God make me fear for your soul and that of any children you might bring into the world because they wouldn't receive a guiding hand toward God. I know this all sounds silly to you.

Often my fear translates to anger and frustration because you are simply one of those people that in unreachable at this point in time and I fear I'll do even worse by you by pushing to hard and miscommunicating scaring you away for ever.

I said we are crap because in the eyes of God we are not good enough. We fall short everytime because of our very nature and origins.

As for concretekid, he and myself had a previous history that had very little to do with you at all so understand why I snapped at you because you failed to keep your nose out of it.

Again my bravado got the best of me. Sorry.
It's all good. I apologize if I have offended you, as it has not been my intent. Enjoy your evening.
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