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Originally Posted by JB Rattlesnake
I meant a boxing match inside the UFC cage.

People always feel the need to vindicate MMA by saying "oh, Silva would kill Jones in an MMA fight".... Yeah, we know that. It was not Jones who challenged Silva to an MMA fight, it was Silva who challenged Jones to a Boxing match.

What it would hurt is the credibility of MMA's fighters in the debate between Boxing and MMA in the media world. Is that big of deal to fans like us? Not really.
Well exactly, so it wouldn't hurt the sport of MMA, or the UFC at all.
Nobody would stop watching the UFC if RJJ beat AS in a boxing match.

It wouldn't hurt, and AS said its been his dream for a long time,
everybody laughed when he said he would do ANYTHING to fight RJJ last year,
and now he said the fight is already set up.
Dana is going to lose a champion over a boxing match.
He might as well stop fighters from doing anything else,
basketball, snowboarding, etc...
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