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Originally Posted by Neezar
Cris, I used to feel the same way about this guy. I was angry about him coming around seemingly trying to make us doubt our beliefs, essentially poking holes in our faith. However, I have realized that he hasn't done that with one single person. It appears that he has only caused us to reinforce our beliefs and have us hold to them that much stronger.

I also started to wonder about the why of him coming here. I recognized him the other day. He has been coming here off and on for years. Anyway, as I was pondering over this a possibility occurred to me. He tries to appear so confidient and steady in his belief (or disbelief, if you prefer) yet he still keeps coming back here. Apparently something is compelling him to do so. He is still searching, still seeking, never content. Maybe he isn't so smug after all.

Nicely put.

Lots of wisdom to be found in that post and maybe something he didn't even realize about himself.

I learn a lot about myself everytime someone pushes my buttons and I realize I have a very macho personality and my first instinct when someone makes me angry is this feeling that I need to challenge them. To put myself in there and say F you buddy I'll put the stamp on you.

I'm still working and learning on the right way to handle things like that. I grew up in a neighborhood that was a lot like jail. If someone disrespected you or took something from you had to get it back as fast a possible.

Even though I get older I get stuck with a lot of the habbits I had as a youngster including my temper haha.

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