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Originally Posted by VCURamFan
It depends. I mean, I love hearing the old hymns on an old pipe organ. I think the biggest detractor for me on this piece was the separation between the notes. The Star Spangled Banner is not a march & shouldn't be played so marcato. It's a smooth, beautiful love song written for our country as it was being attacked (written by a captured Francis Scott Keys on the deck of a British warship as it bombarded the Fort at West Point during the War of 1812).
Yes it was played like a processional. He has artistic liscence because its an improvization. He's not actually playing The Star Spangled Banner...he's incorperating its motif into a magnificent work of art. Its kinda like what you'd expect to be playing on the Organ of Saint Paul's Cathedral as the Procession leads out after the Thanksgiving day service for the American Community in London. They parade down the nave with cant do that to a love song without making it a march in exactly the same way you would make The Battle Hymn of the Republic. Now I've heard that one sung like a love song, and its repulsive...its like a durge, and makes the singer sound drunk, if its not performed as a proper regimental march.

I guess, I just thought you'd like it because of what its based on
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