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Originally Posted by Bonnie
Maybe Bisping found it hard to concentrate and give instructions over all the other voices shouting out. I think the guys should let the coaches shout out instructions during the fights. I'm on the other side of the tv screen and all that chatter gets to me; I can only imagine how much more aggravating it is in person.

As to the Henderson/Franklin fight, I haven't got to see it yet. I'll probably be with Henderson too after watching it (I really like Rich), but why didn't he get any deductions when he did these things? Or did he?
No he got no deductions at all.

Headbutt, which looked accidental in the first round, eye poke which looked deliberate in the last round.

I'm not disputing he won. But I do think Franklin might have fought better without being the but of so many "accidents" and I do think that on the grounds of fighter saftey, Henderson should have had a point deducted. It wouldnt have made a difference to the outcome, and I'm not so bothered that Rich lost, thats not my boggle is with the way Henderson fought.

Now he's in the limelight with TUF...he better act properly
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