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Originally Posted by Jonlion
The Uk so far look a better team. I like that Bisping admitted he can go to far but there is a reason behind it.

so far he is showing to be a good coach, looking after his guys, getting them to train hard and telling them to shut up with the instructions!

Also showed he reall cares when at home he is looking on Youtube!

Although im sure Dan is the doing the same!

I love Hendo, whilst Bisping is loud, Hendo just personifies one of those fighters who talks in the octagon and he does it loudly.

Also really like Jason Dent, seems to act real well and i didnt say it the other week but afer he whipped Browning last week, he celebrated with class which i think shows he means business.
Well he didnt look very hard on youtube if he thought Miller had zero ground game...what was that? THREE Guilotine attempts by Miller in the third, being mounted once and still surviving, never giving up his back, descent reversals, and not being caught in a triangle. Managed a take down each round (okay so Nick managed about four in the first...but all the same)

I'd say he was a bit off the mark. I think had it gone to decision the first round would have been ours, the second round would have been the US, the guy delivered a nice high kick though.

I think its quite rude to tell the English people to Shut up...dont know about you, but all I could hear was Bisping twittering away.

I also REALLY like Jason Dent, I've known of him for some time, he's the first person I already knew, who ended up in TUF.

Doesnt seem much to Henderson does there
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