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Originally Posted by Bonnie
I still wonder about this fight...

You don't think it's strange, JB, how this "championship" fight went down? And, then, Anderson and Thales just hug each other at the end--neither one of them seemed upset with how things went. I'm kind of like Denise with her theory, except I'm wondering if they both weren't in cahoots (each for their own reasons).

This was the first fight I saw with Leites so I don't know if he's done this in other fights(?). As for Anderson taking most of the flack, he is the champ so expectations are going to be higher for him.

No, really I don't find it that strange, and I don't think it's gonna be the last time we see a less than thrilling championship fight.

Is Anderson Silva mad at the UFC? I don't know, and it's fair to say that until somebody actually asks Silva that question, none of us know the answer. I think it should also be pointed out that the person who posted this article is also the author of the article. While it is well written, and an interesting theory, it is still just a theory.

As for Silva and Leites working together to put on a boring fight, I think that is really stretching it. What is the benefit for Leites? What is the benefit for Silva? There is none. Dana White came out right after and handled the damage control from the UFC's side when said he was embarrassed by what happened. Now, everybody is blaming the fighters, NOT the UFC.

So, if Anderson Silva's master plan was to be intentionally boring or rig the fight to get back at the UFC, it was incredibly stupid because it backfired and HE is the one taking all the criticism. Not to mention, if he did actually rig the fight along with Leites, that would be illegal and they could both go to prison.

That's why I just don't see it. If Silva REALLY wanted to get back at the UFC, he would just blast them in the press. That's how most professional athletes do it when they are mad about something in their team or organization and they cannot resolve the issue one on one.

That's how I see it, but of course the only one who truly has all the answers in this is Silva himself.

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