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Originally Posted by Tyburn
its not his fault the MMA fans cant comprehend his brilliance
You say this as if it's not the case.

Seriously though, the UFC has ultimate control of their business, and pretty much a monopoly on the sport at it's highest level. They pretty much make or break the fighters, not the other way around. I don't doubt that Silva may be upset with the UFC, but I just don't see how intentionally putting on a "boring" fight helps his cause at all. If the UFC wanted to, they could release Silva and the backlash would be minimal at best. Sure, the hardcore fans like us would be talking about it for months, but the common fan would forget in about a week and the UFC will STILL be selling out arenas and cashing in big on PPV's. Nothing would change.

Besides, it would not be a very logically sound plan to try and intentionally put on a boring fight in order to get back at the company. That plan would assume that the other fighter in the cage is going be boring too. What happens if the opponent comes out guns blazing? No, Anderson is not a dumbass, you said it yourself, and only a dumbass would think they can get back at the UFC by intentionally putting on a boring fight. Not to mention that if that was his plan, if backfired because it's Silva who is the one taking the most criticism for the fight, not the UFC, not even Thales Leites (who really does deserve most of the blame).

When Randy left the company nobody accused him of "ducking" anybody. In fact, a lot of people came to Couture's defense and painted the UFC and Dana as greedy and evil (I was not one of them). If Silva wanted to get back at the UFC for something that has him upset, he would call them out directly in the media, and it WOULD work because that puts heat DIRECTLY on the company rather than on Silva.
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