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Originally Posted by JB Rattlesnake
Gee, ya think?

He went on a literal Rampage.

I would not count Evans out against Machida, and I would also bet that somewhere down the line, we do see Evans vs Rampage.
you know how when someone gets so calm, its frightening?

When they simply arent bothered by silence?

When you want to make noise because YOU are uncomfortable in their presence?

I used to work with a guy who did that. He used to say practically nothing at all. He'd invite me out for drinks after work and then sit for an hour next to me in silence.

He didnt speak coz he simply had nothing to say.

Well, I was only with Rampage for about five moments...but it reminded me of that. Except, at Saint Paul's, the canons virger would just sit impassively...Rampage looked like he was schemeing. Thats why I didnt talk to him much after saying hello...I just stood there. He obviously didnt want to speak. So I didnt bother niether. ...I suppose I could have talked at him...but he didnt look in the mood to tollerate a blah from me hahahahaha
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