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Sounds like Dana White is desperatley trying to convince himself also. I think its out of genuine love for Liddell. I think that Dana could make money from him, I think Liddell is still game to be used for profit...I think Dana White for the first time in a very long time, is trying to do the right thing.

He's trying to put the value of a friend before the value of profit making on his business. I'm sure there are people in the management system who might want Chuck back, and White is going to have to enforce the matter, possibly against unseen pressure.

I dont know why he's so insistant on Chuck retireing though...he seems genuinely worried, and it seems to be a health worry thats more then just a compilation of losses. Its like he believes with some kinda certainty that if Liddell continues to fight he will get hurt.

I hope we dont find out that Liddell is in some way ill or injured in a way that one should not be fighting for full on health reasons.

Perhaps Dana is just sick of getting asked...without SEEING him say the transcript its hard to know if he's just tiered of Iceman supporters asking...or whether he's genuinely concerned...

Guys...I guess at the end of the day, perhaps Dana White is human after all.
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