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Im kindof at odds with docking anyones pay for anyreason,besides illegal substances usage or not hitting weight.
Theres gotta be a better way to keep fights from stalling w/o jeopardizing a fighters position. If refs were more consistant with their calling of fights I think that helps overall as well. You see some fights where the fighters are working for postition and the get stood up and some they are doing nothing and ref lets it continue.
I guess maybe win bonus is less if its won by decision and more if its won by the fighter.Or maybe even make it tiers of a win bonus according on how u win the fight. Just a poor example(ofcourse different fighters get different bonus):
Lets just say win bonus is $10,000 + $10,000 if the win is by KO;$9,000 if win is by TKO, $8,000 by submission; $7,000 if won by decision, $6,000 by cut/ref stoppage(I just hate wins by cuts). So, this is just an idea maybe it may work or not. Then u can throw in bonus's for sub/ko/fight of the night.
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