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Originally Posted by warriorlion
and yet lets take a look at how pride fighters have got on in the octagon!!!!

and before we get some smart*** come up with Anderson Silva - he fought in pride the same number of times as he did for cage rage, so therefore hes not a pride fighter!!!!

even though there is no such thing as a pride fighter, as they are DREAM fighters now.
i hate this sherdog talk. anderson was a cagerage fighter. he was a pride fighter. he was a shooto fighter. he is now a UFC fighter.

its doesn't matter how many times he fought in pride, the fact is... anderson WAS a pride fighter. accept it. pride is where he truly became known to the MMA community in the first place. it is where his career took off and when everyone started to know his name in the MMA community. he fought there just as much as any other organization besides UFC. only the pride haters resort to "anderson was not a pride fighter because he fought in other organizations too!" they just say that because they are jealous and bitter that another pride fighter is actually doing good in UFC. anderson was a pride fighter. i can list many other fighters who fought in other organizations and then barely have a couple fights in UFC, yet they will now be forever referred to as UFC fighters... even if UFC went bankrupt in the future like pride did.
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