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27 is NOT almost 30. When Lebron James scores 27 points in a basketball game, do they say 27 or almost 30? Sure, 27 is closer to 30 than 26 is, but who cares? The thread is still gay.
Now quit making me feel old. I got enough problems.

I got your remark, and if you find my response to be "immature", then I do apologize but I could really care less. Seeing as how you came on here and posted a thread that has NO rational argument in it to begin with, the response was not only merited, but 100% factual.

In short... this thread = gay, lame, stupid, mindless, etc... However you want to take it, this thread serves no other purpose but for you to try and make some ridiculous point you magically came to on your own, which in itself is nothing more than a sweeping generalization and has ZERO substance.

Your argument is "money is the most important issue to neocons". Please enlighten us as to the flawless logic you are using to come to this conclusion. Rather than reciting a laundry list of bulls**t talking points about the Iraq war, all of which have been argued on here until we were all blue in the face... Why not explain to all of us here on the forum how it is that YOU have come to a conclusion that money is more important to "neocons" than the lives of our American soldiers?

This is a pretty typical move of people who have a certain ideological mindset locked in their brains. You try and cut and paste ideas together in your head in order to attack those that you disagree with, even if the two topics are COMPLETELY UNRELATED. Do yourself a favor, stop drinking the kool-aid, it's been spiked with drugs by the media to get you to keep watching.

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