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OK! So I just got my hand on it... heres what I think...

Graphicaly it looks awesome!! detail on the characters and movement is wicked!!!

Gameplay wise... its very one sided...

The standup is decent but its definitly not even close to as good as the fightnight games. I seem to be able to do what I want but the fact that you can only block high and low and you cant actualy dodge punches kinda sucks. From what the demo has...

Takedowns seem to totaly suck! Maybe its just the fights but the chance of getting a good takedown is like next to impossible. Theres only 1 take down and you always land in gaurd when you get it. I don know maybe thats fine for most people but usualy when I take people down I circle while I'm doing it and can usualy get into side control... doesnt seem like you can do that kinda stuff but maybe I'm missing somthing.

The submission game seems pretty weak... but again maybe theres more to it that I'm missing. Theres only 1 submission per position you can do and you can only do it by tapping the rightstick while the opponent is attacking. And then you pretty much button mash and randomly get it or not. Its really not even worth doing cause you just GNP the guy you can stop the fight 100 times more often.

I personaly will buy the game because im a HUGE mma fan and I'm a gamer... but I'm pretty selective on games I play. After playing the demo I definitly prefer fightnight as a fighting SIM.

Maybe I'm a bit picky because I went to school for game developement and over analize everything.

But scorring the game as an mma game I would give it probably an 8/10
But scorring it as a fight SIM like fightnight Probably closer to a 5 or a 6.

Someone tell THQ to call me haha cause I think the same game with differnt controls and some tweeking on the ground game could be fenominal!!!
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