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Originally Posted by Melissa Villaseņor
Thats fine.. I am a very oh shall I say very confident person so its all good.. Just like Nicks fight everyone talked so much crap about him and well yeah he looked good. However boxing is my sport. I watched a little of the training footage on Hatton vs his old fights and he's definitely changing up his style for the better. Senior Mayweather is a good coach. Personally speaking Freddie Roach reminds me of a serial killer or pedophile he creeps me out
Yeah, Floyd Sr is a great trainer, and I am sure Ricky will put up more of a fight than he did against Floyd Jr, but I do believe it's gonna be the same outcome. Manny just has too much speed for Ricky.

I'm not rooting for either fighter, but my money would definitely be on Manny.
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