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Originally Posted by Melissa Villaseņor
He wasnt the main event.. I hope he decides whats best for him. If he feels he wants to fight again by all means go for it. I don't personally think its out of his reach to keep fighting. This can't be a fly by night sport where you lose a few that you should just crawl in a hole. He's a fighter and a fighter will re-light his spark if he truly wishes to. Always expect the unexpected....
I would love to see Chuck come back for one more big fight, maybe a rematch with Wandy or something, but I think competing at the same level as he used to is out of the question.

There comes a time when you are damaging your legacy by continuing to fight. A lot of fighters face this criticism when their skills diminish and the constant stress of training and fighting finally catches up with their bodies. A lot of fighters keep coming back when they shouldn't and it's hard to watch sometimes. The three KO's that Chuck has suffered is enough to kill a fighters chances of being on top of the mountain. Of course Chuck has earned the right to come back and fight if he chooses, but in my eyes he has nothing left to prove. Probably time to hang em' up champ.
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