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Yeah, our guys (some of them at least) need to grow up and stop mess'n with other people's things. I thought before Browning got knocked off they set down some "rules" about what was going to be acceptable and what wouldn't be acceptable as far as pranks. Last night I heard that guy who thinks he beat Keil Reid (knocked himself out) say something about bodily fluids. I hope they are not going to go there (again) because I will be upset with them.

So far the UK guys are rising above all this nonsense and I hope they continue to do so.

The way they are showing the training (at least to us tv viewers), they show it like Bisping's team is going all out during training. Our team not as hard.

I don't care for D. Johnson so far. He talks too much!

How come we've got two threads about last night's show?
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