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Originally Posted by Tyburn
Thats interesting.

Its in the interests of National Security and the Economy to educate people. See in England its illegal not to send your children to school...heck, the parents can end up in court if their children skip class to often! Better education opens more possiblities (hence Economy) and makes people more aware....I know its a stereotype but the figures are that crime rates and stuff soar in areas of low education...partly because they have nothing better to do, know no differently, and are unable to live without illegally gaining food. If you are uneducated, you cant get a job, if you have no job, you have no money, if you have no do you eat without involving yourself in theaft of some kind??

So perhaps you should think of it as paying for a certain level of low crime, I'm sure crimes are bad...but with no education they would be far worse

It was a bit tongue in cheek when i said it. I see it a different way, i don't think low education causes criminals. I think people who are criminals are going to be one way or the other, and they refuse to get an education. Low education does not cause criminalaity, criminals refuse to be educated. And congregate in areas of like minded, low motivated people.

Now back to what I think. I think if parents had to pay tuition or at least an equal share of school taxes, they would make their kids take advantage of what they paid for. It's like if I make a fruit cake I'll eat on it til it's gone, even if it takes a month, but if my in-laws send me one, I might eat some on it til it gets old, but I won't feel too bad about throwing it out, when i get tired of it.

Also, why should farmers and business owners pay for all the education? Especially on property that i still owe on? My land and buildings aren't nearly paid for, but I still have to pay as much as some guy who got the land give to him by a rich uncle.

But my original thought was---- Education is as much welfare as medicaid and food stamps is. The only thing is, is that more people take advantage of education instead of food stamps, so they don't want to admit they're on welfare.

Criminals are not because of lack of education, its because of lack of morals. We get in more trouble by making the criminals smarter.
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