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There are so MANY different things to do here. I think they've done an excellent job. I mean... you can advance on the ground to the right, left, posture, etc. If the person on their back doesn't see which way you're going to pass, and adjust their position with a counter, you'll pass with ease.

We spent about two hours last night figuring out the subtleties about the ground game. It's very deep as far as strategy goes.

Also, the move set doesn't seem that deep according to the list, but I've pulled off at least 5 moves so far that aren't on the list. The RNC being one of them for Shogun. I'm going to shoot for a transition from top/side/back control, then spin around to the head side, and slide in a choke like that.

oh, yea.. the DEMO is officially up for NA on the Marketplace. You might have to be a gold subscriber to get it right away though.
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