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Originally Posted by cubsfan47

True class.

Seriously, the few Brits I know that lived through the blitz say that the fact that Elizabeth stayed in London was very important. Anyway she is a very classy lady and reminds me a lot of my mom.
I think your thinking of in the Queen Mother, She was Queen, but never actually rulled, because she married into the Royals, by wedding the King....this shows her on the topic you mention...the war, bombing and her refusal to leave She actually talks to you on this video about what made her choose to stay when the palace was actually bombed....Thats Elizabeths Mother (also called Elizabeth ) "I'm glad we've been bombed, now I can look the east end in the face" Mother and Daughter, sound, and look very much alike dont they?

The Royal Family were advised to leave London during the Bombing Campaigns as they mainly targetted cities, and specifically important buildings within them.

Queen Elizabeth (The Queens she was only Queen Dowerger, this means she never rulled, Her Husband rulled...thats why she's technically Elizabeth 1.5 ) Decided that the Family would not be moving anywhere, and her Daughter Elizabeth The Second agreed

It gets Queen Elizabeth The First was the person who built the Empire and solidified the Reformation. Queen Elizabeth (Dowerger), never rulled, but married a King and is more often known as "The Queen Mother" and her Daughter is Queen Elizabeth The Second.

Queen Elizabeth (Dowerger) died back in 2002

outside of Diana she was most definately the best loved Royal of the modern and post modern era, and lived to about 102 years old

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