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Originally Posted by JB Rattlesnake
I also like a lot of Arizona teams too, like the Cardinals and the Suns and the Sun Devils, but I have never really been that big of a Diamondbacks fan for some reason. Can't say why, considering I love ratllesnakes and all, lol. I mean, was happy to watch them beat the Yankees in the World Series, hahaha, and I even have some shirts, a hat, and even a Curt Schilling D-Backs jersey, but I just can't pull for them like I do the White Sox. I guess, I am sort of a fan, I don't know... I mean, I guess I would root for them if they were playing the Cubs.... jk
Maybe because originally they combined two of the most nonbaseball colors into a jersey design. THEN they went with classic PURPLE pinstripes, another no no.
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