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Originally Posted by Tyburn
1) Yes

2) Yes

3) please show me the artical. Until I see that, I can only go on what i've seen.
Don't you think that Silva was probably just a bit upset about everything that has transpired? Not only that he got booed, but just that the fight did not go how he planned, and because Leites did not help matters. Silva is not the first guy to be upset at a post fight press conference.

As for the article, it was actually posted here...

Now, I realize that it's not Silva formally coming out and saying it, but it's his translator. Unless you have a factual reason to not believe the translator, then I think it's legit. Plus, I just generally believe that Anderson is sorry that it did not go differently. Silva is not dumb, and he knows what the fans want to see.

BTW, I know we get worked up from time to time, but I am glad it's you I am having this disagreement with and not somebody else that I probably would have less patience with, lol.
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